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30-03-2009 Tomorrow, something new will happen in the windy Dutch government seat at the North Sea. All, I repeat: ALL, possible players in the Afghan drama will come together and talk. Will it be THE turning point, or will it only be a significant step forward? Obama delivers. A completely new US approach to the… » read more

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The New York Wall Street Journal (WSJ), owned by Rupert Murdoch, is known for its heroic struggle against anyone who it deems guilty of blasphemy of the free market, the stock exchange, composite investment vehicles and US moral superiority in the worl…

Posted by Huib Riethof WidgetsHUIBSLOG and the dedicated Blogs, like this one: At Home in Europe, are about reflexion. Going back and forth between the news and its backgrounds. Looking for integrity in reasoning and in research. This cannot be done without BO…

Posted by Huib Riethof